Speech material

It is extremely important to use well designed speech material for collecting speech samples. Only then, will meaningful speech outcome data be obtained. Where possible, the material should be standardised or "agreed" with a single language community so that comparisons of speech outcome, between centres, are possible.

For cross linguistic comparisons to take place the speech material must be even more strictly designed.

This section gives guidance on devising appropriate speech material for use within languages and for cross linguistic studies.

Word lists for use in the restricted word tests (for included languages) are available for download here.

More general information and practical suggestions are made for eliciting the speech data effectively.


The priority is:

1)  Single word list

2)  Repetition of sentences

"In order to receive the child’s best production a single word list should be given the highest priority. If the purpose is to assess connected

speech, sentence repetition is reliable and also valid speech material, with good transcriber agreement and equally good articulation accuracy as in retelling and conversational speech (Klintö et al., 2011)"


Klintö K, Salameh E-K, Svensson H, Lohmander A. The impact of speech material on speech judgement in children with and without cleft palate. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 2011;46:348-360.