Restricted wordlists in different languages

Thus, while the aim is to eliminate the language impact as much as possible when comparing speech outcome after cleft palate treatment, it may not be totally met. Consonant phonemes may not be phonetically identical (which is the reason for narrow phonetic transcription of the target consonants in the restricted word lists) or all selected vulnerable phonemes may not be available in all languages. Consequently, compromises must be made when word lists are developed. For example, some languages do not comprise voiced plosives. If so, an extra set words with the voiceless plosives should be included (see f ex Finnish).




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  Danish   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_Danish Joan Bogh Nielsen
  English   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_English Kathryn Patrick (
  Finnish   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_Finnish Suvi Alaluusua            (
  Norwegian   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_Norwegian  
  Polish   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_Polish  
  Portuguese   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_Portuguese Renata Paciello Yamashita ( 
  Swedish   Empty Restr_Single Word Test_Swedish Christina Persson (